Unique Gifts - Underwater Town

I signed this with my initials and the year (e.g. TAC 05)on the bottom right hand corner so you will know which way round the picture should be, as I always do, however when I come to look at it again I see a totally different picture, I had wanted to put it another way up, but that's the beauty you can, the signature is part of the picture. I had thought when I first drew it it looked like a fish, now I think it looks like a man with sticking up hair holding a toothbrush and a castle in the background, but how can I name that? How would you name this?

Unique Gifts - Underwater Town.












Size: A4Unique Gifts - Underwater Town Closeup.
210mm x 297mm - millimetres
8.27in x 11.69in - inches

Paper:  Orange Paper
150g/m2 - gsm - weight

Medium: Black and Gold Gel ink

 Price 20.00 SOLD Currency Converter

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